Elevators with Bascule Buckets for Short Pasta and Granular Products in general

The different models of bucket elevators we make are able to satisfy different customer's requirements. All the different shapes ('Z', 'C', ring or customized) can be provided with multiple unloading device with electro - pneumatic actuation.

The components of the bearing structure are modular to guarantee easy cleaning and modifications to the machine’s dimensions, if required. 1 inch piteh chains make an extremely reliable and long lasting machine.

EUROPROMEC elevators are versatile and cover a wide range of capacities 2 to 50 cubic meters hour, with buckets loaded al 60%.
The buckets may be completely made of stainless steel sheet or stainless steel wire net, and are particularly suitable for humid pasta. Their capacity ranges from 2 to 24 liters.
The use of stainless steel for buckets construction and the total absence of plastic items, avoids the phenomenon of electrostatic charge as well as pollution from possible non - metal fragments that cannot be detected by metal-detector and make bucket a washable, highly hygienic and sturdy element.
The chains of EUPROMEC' elevators are particularly sturdy, have 50.8 mm piteh and 28 mm Delrin roller. These characteristics allow to obtain many advantages:

  • Almost null elongation
  • Noiseless movement
  • Very limited lubrication thanks to the use of' big-size self- lubricaling Delrin rollers.
    This is a very important advantage in. food production processes that also guarantees low maintenance costs.

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